WHAT LESSON DID YUR MOTHER TEACH when you were kids? Thanks.

December 12, 2008 12:58am CST
We were taught honesty and discipline. Please share.
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@my125125 (821)
• Malaysia
12 Dec 08
Hi Swatilohani, First, my mother teach us to be honest. Second, we have to be good manner. Third, respect to older than yours. Fourth, don't speak rude, if you do it then my mother will punish us. Fifth, help people and know how to save money.
@veejay19 (3591)
• India
12 Dec 08
Besides honesty and discipline i was told never to tell a lie, to treat everyone equally and also with kindness. I was also taught never to be a spendthrift and help all those who were in need.I also learnt how to be a good boy and to always keep smiling whatever the circumstances. This particular advice has helped me throughout my life. In school one of my teachers used to call me "Mr Smiley". Now that i look back on my life i have found that no matter how hard the situation i have sailed through them with equanimity and with a smile on my face. I am thankful to my parents for having inculcated this virtue in me at a young age itself.
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• United States
12 Dec 08
My Mom taught my brother and I manners. Please and thank you, excuse me, and may I instead of can I. The biggest thing that sticks out immediately is when my brother and I would fight and she would tell us we better be nice to each other because we're the only "sister" or "brother" we're ever gonna have. We still fought, but never rolled. We've always gotten along fairly well and I think it's because she told us enough times that it finally sunk in.
@bellebads (741)
• Philippines
12 Dec 08
my parents taught me to respect people not only elders. they also taught me not to get anything that's not yours if you haven't ask permission to the owner. and a lot more. i can say that i was brought up by my parents with dignity.
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