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@Pascha (65)
United States
December 12, 2008 1:39am CST
That I actually introduce myself! *laughs* Hello, MyLot! My name is Pascha. That's not my real name, of course, it's one of my cyber monikers. I can't have anyone tracking me down and punching my lights out cause I disagreed with them, right? *grins* While many people believe in God, I believe in something even greater than God. I believe in love. I've seen firsthand the wonderful power that love brings. I've seen the changes that it causes. I've seen the difference in the world that it makes. I try to ask myself with every word and with every action, if I am acting with love as my guide, or some other emotion or motive. I also believe in personal responsibility very strongly. I believe that my screw ups are my own and that the only way for me to get past them, is to accept responsibility and change it myself. I believe that my lot in life is my own and I have full power and control to change it if I so desire! I have no problems telling someone when they are being nimrods either. *grins* Somebody's gotta do it, and I fully expect for me to be told when I'm being a nimrod too. I talk way too much when I'm tired, and I tend to be a bit more honest than I should be at times. When I am exhausted, that is when my heart speaks more than my brain does. I believe in making a difference in every single thing that I choose to do. It's my way of shaping the world into what I believe is a better place. Sometimes, that means taking the time to talk to a mom that is overwhelmed with life. Sometimes it means something as simple as giving a hug to a stranger that looks despondent. But all the time, it means saying "I care" and meaning it. I believe that there is good in every single person. Imagine the worst person you can, and I will tell you that there was some good in that person. I believe that hatred can not exist in a heart that has at least one small ounce of love in it. I further believe that love can not exist in a heart that has one small ounce of hatred in it. I believe in looking at all possible consequences to any deed, any word, any action, but intended and unintended, both positive and negative. I am not a religious person, but I am a spiritual person. I do not believe that there is only one true God, and I am not arrogant enough to believe that humans are the only sentient creatures in the universe. I like nice, long, well thought out discussions, as you can probably tell by the two I've already posted. I believe we all have something to learn from each other. There is not one single thing that is more important to me than my family. My family and their needs are my absolute first priority in everything. I am very old fashioned in my ways when it comes to families. I believe that if there are kids, mom stays home with them. When kids go to school, mom can work but only part time and as a hobby. Not something to exhaust herself over. The mother is the matriarch, and as such it is her job to pull the family together and keep them together. And I happen to know a LOT about kids. lol But it comes from experience and time. I've been raising babies since I was six years old. I've seen things mothers have done that just did not work. I've seen things other moms have done that worked wonders. I happen to think I have the very best kids in the world, but then, I am biased too. *grins* I have no problems saying what needs to be said, no matter how controversial it may seem. Truth often is controversial, and that's okay. and I further believe that I have rambled on way too much! lol So, in closing, what do YOU believe? What motivates you to be the person that you are? What drives you towards success? And if you're one that is going to tell me that God is what you believe in, and everything you do is in His will, then be prepared to also tell me just how you came to that belief as well. *grins* I like open discussions, not blanket statements. Welcome, everyone, to my world! Don't be afraid to tell me to stfu at any time. I've got a nice thick skin. Though I may not listen very well. *winks*
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