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December 12, 2008 2:50am CST
We have recently shifted to an apartment. Our immediate neighbours are very good. They are an old couple. They have really been very helpful, friendly, caring since we came here. Recently the neighbour auncle got very sick. Currently he is in ICU. We are planning to visit him in hospital. But his tratment started very late. His only son was late to take him to hospital. We kept on informiing him.We hesitated to take him to hospital as their son stays nearby & he might not take it in good sense. So what u people think.. at what extent we can help our neighbour?
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• Nigeria
20 Dec 08
its a good thing you have a very nice neighbour. very few people have the opportunity to have caring neighbours. i will like to say helping your neighbour who has been very nice to you and your family should be done against all odds and without any hesitation or doubt in your heart. if you truly want to help him, go ahead and do it. i believe its the least thing you can do for him at this point in time. i believe you agree with me that it is good to be good. your neighbour has been good to you and i think now is the right time to repay him and make him understand that you sincerely appreciate all they have done for you and you care about him too. who is a good neighbour? i will define a good neighbour as one who can stand by your side during your most trying moments in life, give you a helping hand when you fall and a shoulder upon which you can cry. u shouldnt consider how his son will take it rather you consider that you have helped in saving a life and fulfilled all righteouness to him, to God and to humanity. go ahead and help him. i wish him a very quick recovery. help your neighbour to the extent which you know its your best and fullest.....
• India
21 Dec 08
thank you so much for your response..he is much better now..