One-sided love?

@srganesh (6349)
December 12, 2008 4:36am CST
Are you in one sided love now?Many of us like to love,but don't have the courage to express.It is because of the fear of rejection.To many,they are content that they are in love itself.Follow that girl wherever she goes,place himself where she can see him in a head turn and that's all.Anybody in this situation now?Why do you hesitate to say your love?Fearing of rejection,society,parents,lack of selfconfidence,beauty......what is it withholding you?Please share!
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• India
15 Jan 09
well as far as i am concerned luckily i never had one sided love in my life. However i had a crush on my english teacher and obviously it was one-sided when i was in school lol....
@Llonorra22 (1150)
• Philippines
13 Dec 08
I've been through that and it's not a nice feeling to love someone who doesn't love you at all... I'm glad that I've surpassed that...
@coolside (16)
• China
12 Dec 08
Well, I must say that your words are set people thinking.Of course I have a girl who I love,but I don't expressed how I love her.The reason is fearing of rejection,lack of selfconfidence and beauty.Even thought I kown these ,I still have enough courage.
@dehong (152)
• China
12 Dec 08
yes i am.sometimes i have one- sided love.but that does't confused a lot. because i that just an accident.i will have many girls btter than you.but i love one-sideed's wonderful.everything you can imagine.