My girls are at it again

December 12, 2008 4:49am CST
I am a happily married African woman with three girls, though we were trying for a boy with the last one, but we welcomed her happily all the same. My first girl Jessica who is five years old, told me this yesterday. Jessica: Mom, I'll drink salt and water and give birth to a baby boy. I was shocked and I told her she has to grow up first and get married before she can have a baby. Daniella, my three year old baby looked at me and said no, Jessica won't do that and asked me if I got married before I had them. Of course I did. Children, such bundles of joy.
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• India
12 Dec 08
yes, and the ask such innocent questions, it really leaves me baffled at times. At least its better when they are this age, very soon they’ll be of age when we can no longer fool them and they are very persistent with their questions.