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December 12, 2008 5:52am CST
I am an aspiring needle felter and I am in need of the absolute best way to sell the felts that I make. I am looking into making tapestries and throws. What would you rank as the best way to make a profit? Craft Shows? Flea/Farmers Markets? Internet? Family Friends? What have you done and how has it been working for you?
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24 Apr 09
I just noticed this thread...sorry for not responding earlier. I think to make money the quickest, doing a craft show is a great way to get your creations in front of a lot of potential customers. It's a great way to see the response your work receives. I sell on the internet ( and I have found this site is also a great way for people who love to buy handmade items to find you. There is a lot of competition, but there are also over a million registered buyers from all over the world. Doing a home show is a great way to also sell some of your creations. Inviting neighbors, family, friends to come and see your creations can lead to quick sales and if you can find another local crafter (that makes something different than you, like soap/candles, etc) you could invite them to do the home show with you and have them invite friends, family, etc. I would rank Craft Shows as the best way to make immediate money. Selling on the internet, outside of eBay, as more of a long-term selling opportunity. A home show can be a great way to gain exposure for your creations and make some money, but you can only do one, maybe two a year. I would rank farmer's markets ahead of flea markets. Flea markets are usually less expensive, but it becomes hard to make a decent profit when you are trying to sell more expensive items and other sellers are selling things for a couple of dollars. Craft shows/fairs and selling on the internet work best for me.