why do children annoy their parents?

December 12, 2008 6:38am CST
In the world of today children are forgetting their parents like if they were not known to them!if parents asks something to them to do they just unlistens it and tries to move away from them!the are not thinking that if they will do this with thier mother and father then they too will suffer with it when their own children will regret them and would disobey their instructions.it is truly said by someone that one has to pay for his deeds in this world only,before dieing!the children think that if that if their friends would see parents they will consider them as old fashioned!but i only want to ask them if at their birth time their parents would have thought them as old fashioned then they might not be alive in this world! the modern generation of today needs to realze that if they will respect their parents then only they are going to be successful in this selfish world!thus i only want to convey this that worship and pray your parents and live a good life! remem if this time you will not share anything with your parents then later when your children will do same to you then you will face the same problem!several parents are dieing day by day just because their chidren disrespect them ,are jealous of them,or even worse some of these children throwout their parents from their homes just like everydays lifew!always remember god sees all the things dopne by us and accordingly gives result!
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