I hate this about myself...

@tklich (391)
United States
December 12, 2008 11:39am CST
When I come across something I want, I mean really REALLY want, then I want it as soon as possible!!! I don't know why, but it's like it just takes over my brain until I'm about ready to explode. That happens to me a lot, and of course, it's happening to me right now. My situation right now is that I currently work in a real estate office. Earlier in the year me and another girl that I work in the office with have talked about someday getting our realtors licenses. In order to do this we need to save up quite a bit of money because there's a policy that states we cannot be employed by the company if we have an active realtors license. So we talked about it for a couple weeks or so and decided to start saving our money, then we kind of just pushed it to the back of our heads. But since then I've become really good friends with a realtor in my office and I've been talking to her about wanting to become a realtor. She's talking about switching companies for various reasons I won't get into, and I really think I want to go work for the company she's going to more than likely switch to. But again, this doesn't change my dilemma of having to quit my job to get my license!!! The more I come to work in the office the more I think about real estate. It's pretty hard to get it off my mind when I work in a real estate office 5 days a week...LOL! But I'm afraid the more I want to pursue this dream of mine, the more and more I am going to dislike coming to work. I do like the work I do, and I love (most of) the agents that I work with. Does anyone else have this similar problem? When you want something, you just want it really really badly?!?! I'd like to hear from people that can relate and tell me how you deal with it when it happens to you. I'd like to hear your stories! :)
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@chel2004 (63)
• Philippines
12 Dec 08
I am a person with extreme patience,Even when I am still a kid I remember that when I want something I planned and work for it.I feel challenge in wanting for that thing or matter. I am extremely happy when I would get it and into it for I had worked hard for it. Though sometimes not all I want I would be able to get it, anyhow I have to accept it that it is not just the right time for me. So that what I do is, when given a chance I still persist to get it my way. Just accept the fact that with the proper time, place and the people around you ,you will get want you want. And with GOD' blessings too.