bad dreams

December 12, 2008 12:55pm CST
some times we have seen some dreams which seens horrible,that some tmies we saw that we were falling from the tree,or fall under water although we can swim.some times we see nightmare.even we sometimes see that there is no door from which we can come out.i dont know what is it,but only can say that the tired subconsious mine can see this type of dreams.friends,do you see sometimes this types of dearms,do you found out the reasons behind it?
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• Belize
13 Dec 08
Well i've experienced my fair share of bad dreams and it is usually clustered with people i know fear of loosing them etc. so yeah i kinda know the meaning behind.
@kkthom3 (279)
• United States
13 Dec 08
Lately I have been having a lot of dreams, but they aren't really bad dreams. I usually have dreams about people and places that I know. For example, I frequently dream about school and work and they are usually really boring. The only bad dreams that I have are falling dreams. I don't really dream anyhting before I dream about falling. I am just sleeping peacefully and then all of a sudden I feel like I am falling and I wake up suddenly.