Why do critics feel compelled to trash a new movie before its even released

United States
December 12, 2008 4:51pm CST
Call me irrational when I come to these conclusions, but I despise the thought of a critic trashing a new blockbuster before its released out of the gate. You click on your webpage and Friday's latest release is tore up and down by 9am. I do not know about the rest of the world but I have not had a chance to work a full time job then get to the movie before everything has been decided on how the movie falls short of expectations. This irritates me to no end. How about you, how do you feel about so called critics complaining about a movie before you have even had a chance to see it?
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• India
13 Dec 08
they dont feel compelled they have too big ego's and they just wanna brag that they were able to c hte movie b4 the normal public did! i dont even read most of them i jsut read wht normal ppl write on sites like imdb.com happy lottin n have a nice day!
@kkthom3 (279)
• United States
12 Dec 08
I feel grateful towards critics because they are st least better than all the newspapers and magazines that get to watch the movie before it comes out. Those people seem to only ever be able to come up with one or two words like "Stunning," "Breath-taking," or "Captivating." They only seem to do this so they will be mentioned during the commercials. These one word reviews are never even helpful because they don't describe what the movie is actually about, and like I said, I believe that they have alterior motives. I almost never read reviews for movies because then while I am in the movie all I can thinkg about is what the critic said and I am prediposed to agree with the critic. When I do want to find out whether a movie is good or not I usually go to that tomato site(I forgot what it is called.) I like this site because I odn't have to actually read the reviews and spoilers, I can just look at the pole and see if other viewers and critics like the movie in general or not.