What Was The Best Prank You Ever Pulled?

United States
December 12, 2008 4:57pm CST
My best ever was on Thanksgiving day pulled on my sister who's turn it was to have dinner at her house that year. Several family members even wet themselves as they rushed out of the kitchen before they busted up in laughter and gave it away. I can set this up for you in one sentence. My sister (45) has always been sensitive and loves any kind of animal. Baby chic's, bunnies, you name it and she loves them. That's all you need to get this. when she was not looking we hid the cranberry sauce and you have to have that for Thanksgiving dinner or it's not complete. I knew that she would volunteer to run out to the store. While she was gone I took the turkey out of the oven, emptied the stuffing and replaced it with a cornish game hen. I then put some of the stuffing back into the bird to hide the hen. Then I waited careful not to give what I had done away. I am very very good at the poker face. The time came and she took the bird out of the oven and started to spoon out the stuffing when she hit the hen with the spoon. I sat and watched with my straight face until she started looking up the birds butt. Being the older sibling I of course offered my help. I picked up the bird the best I could (I was prepared for this), pointed it towards the light and also looked up the birds but. I put the turkey down, gave her that "I can't believe you did this look" pulled the hen out and informed her that she had cooked a pregnant turkey!!! Her eyes swelled with tears (did not expect that) and it took us several minutes to convince her that turkeys lay eggs!! Every year she makes a check list of dinner items now and in some cases hides them so she never has to leave the bird again. True story
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@vanonas (950)
• United States
12 Dec 08
I'm not really good at pranking people. I usually give myself away before it happens hahaha. The only things I ever did was wait outside the bathroom when my sisters would pee or be brushing their teeth or something and when they'd come out I'd jump and yell in front of them. They always got scared and mad at me hahahah.