Prayer is Faster than the Air

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@mae1216 (658)
December 12, 2008 8:39pm CST
I believe that prayer is faster than anything else in this world. In my earlier post, I said I have a problem when it comes to my relationship with my dad, me and my husband. My dad doesn't agree to what we did (getting married) and he doesn't talk to me and my husband for months already. Then my dad brought me back to my homecountry, since my family is living in abroad, to get me away from my husband. But my husband is already working out for my return papers so there is no worries about it. My point here is, when I said a prayer two nights ago, that my father will allow my husband to speak to him, then the next day, my husband had a permission to enter the house and settle out things. Even I was not around, my husband has proven to my parents that he is eager to show and respect me and love me by respecting them as well. I believe,this is a power of prayer. He will work for us. God will always be there for us! Claim it from him and he will give it you.
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