do you have christmas parties in school?

December 12, 2008 10:45pm CST
the students in my advisory class will have their christmas party on monday dec 15. their class savings is only Php1000. (with this amount, they will end up having sandwiches and soft drinks only.) however, some students in the class volunteered to bring some other foods and there was a sizable number of pledges from the student - 10 pcs. lechon manok (broiled chickemn), 5 pcs liempo (broiled pork), 50 pcs lumpia, 4 kilos cooked rice, 2 layers cake, 2 cases soft drinks, 2 kilos spagghetti, 6 loaves sliced bread. they decided to use their money instead for ice cream and candies. do you have a child who will attend christmas parties in their school? what did he/she pledge to bring for the party?
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