how to keep the love alive?...pls help

@rcfranz (180)
December 12, 2008 10:48pm CST
pls give an advice on how to keep the love alive...tnx
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@currykai (427)
• Malaysia
13 Dec 08
I have been through a love life where is went plateau for awhile due to the hectic schedules of me and my boyfriends. Few things I did which I hope could help 1. I started to sms him more often telling him how much I love him, what I am doing and not interrogating what he is doing or where is he going. He finds it funny but I just tell him I am doing it because I want to rekindle back the sparks we used to have. Then, he started calling me too during lunchtime to as each other how was the day and what I am having for lunch. 2. No matter how busy, we sat down and listed the one day in a weekday working where we could go window shopping, watch movies or anything after work. It is tiring but then we find it refreshing and we could nag to each other regarding work life 3. Lending listening ear and supports to him instead of keep telling each other we are busy with our own work. I will buy/cook him something he nice and try to be listener instead of minding my own busy work 4. I put many pictures of me and him at workplace, our rooms and even as my desktop or screen saver in laptop to remind me how much I love him. 5. Writing emails to him at work. 6. Doing some surprises to him like buying him some gifts, making my own handmade card or just coming home earlier to spice up the night. 7. Book a trip together as get away and be romantic to each other. I have done some of them above and I find out love life become so much better. We keep on reminding each other, is not easy to find The One we love and is very much the reason why we must cherish every moment of our love. All the best to you!
@rcfranz (180)
• Philippines
14 Dec 08 seems you are really in love with other..ohhh...i wish i am at your feet! what you have is opposite in what i am encountering right now...but you give me an idea of what i am going to do to my second relation if ever...tnx a lot...merry x mas to you and your love ones...???