Is a Java Certification worth obtaining?

United States
December 12, 2008 11:40pm CST
Should I try to get my Java Certification? Do I need it? Is it really worth it? I have an Associate's degree in Computer Programming, and I am pursuing a bachelor's degree through a University. I just wonder if you guys think the certification is a good idea? Also what kind of jobs would you recommend for me? I have had 4 classes in Java, and soon I should take the fifth one. After that I should be ready for the certification. Any other advice. Also, I have a Technical Certification of Credit from my Technical School for Java Programming. That is another reason I am wondering if it is worth it.
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• China
5 Jan 09
Hi,buddy, I got a Sun certificated Java Programmer 2years ago. To my own experience, the paper itsself is useless, but the process you prepare it is very important. In order to pass the exam, I read the «Thinking in Java» twice, and it made me understand the core concept of Jave language.
• India
3 Jan 09
A certification is a stamp which you are going to carry with you. The stamp will say something about you without telling anything from your mouth. But if after opening your mouth you fail to justify you stamp, you are gone from other things as well. But if you excel you have +ve remarks from everywhere. So it depends upon you do u want the certification seriously or just certification. If not seriously forget it otherwise go ahead and it must do something good for you.
@mr_mlk (364)
29 Dec 08
Depend on where in the world you are. From what I can tell in India it is a requirement, while in the West you would only do it to prove to yourself that you know your stuff, but no employer would really care. What job should you go for? A junior developer role.
@tia_sweet (154)
• India
20 Dec 08
Nowadays during the recession period, getting a degree from a premier college is worthwhile and with a sound knowledge of Java you can easily get through the interviews...certificates and the other things are only needed at the time of HR think only a sound knowledge is enough...the only thing which a certification could provide could be a place in your cv..and only few companies seriously consider it....