If you are angry with someone what do you do?

December 13, 2008 12:41am CST
Do you shout and fight with that person or do you lapse into silence and stop all communication? With me it depends on the relationship with the person. If it is my wife, I generally stay silent and she knows I am angry. Then she will ask me time and again and finally we will patch up. If it is a stranger and it is instant anger,i lash out and yell at them. if it is a friend I have a quarre3l and then do nto talk for a fe4w days then we patch up.
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@maxilimian (3099)
• Indonesia
16 Jan 09
If i get mad i only make a silence with the person, but if i get angry and almost blowin my head i can slap him though it sounds rough, but i can't help it if they gone's very bad, if it's stranger i just staring at them like this lol, i'm rare to get mad with friends, because they love me hehe
@vikeyshuy (284)
• China
16 Jan 09
that depends on who i am angry with. if they are my family members,such as i am angry with my hubby or my mom,dad,i will cry,showing them that i was made sad by them,making them feel guilty! if they are my colleagues,i will manage to keep my temper and keep a certain distance with them from now on. i rarely shout out or stop all the communications.interpersonal relationship is really complicated.not so simple.
@rajeshank (253)
• India
15 Dec 08
If i am angry with someone i will shout at them to hell...i don't know what the hell i am shouting at them at that time of anger but later after i am to normal i feel really hurt for shouting at them and try to ask sorry to them and make the things normal...:)
@Mirsya (521)
• Indonesia
14 Dec 08
I will shout at them, but that won't last for long, because my anger will go after I shout at them. I don't like to be angry for a long time.
• United States
14 Dec 08
i avoid for a little bit just to cool off and make sure im not over reacting and if i am not then i talk to them and tell them that i am offended etc.. try to work it out if possible
• China
13 Dec 08
i will lapse into silence and stop all communication to all the people when i am angry.i can not say why,but at that time i really donot want to say any word although i know it is not good.in my opinion,it is better to communicate than say no words,maybe you have been disunderstanded,maybe you are right,and if you donot say out who knows what you are thinking about?