What's it like to live in Singapore?

December 13, 2008 8:17am CST
Hi, do we have any Singaporeans on here? I've always thought about moving to another country. A safe and happy lifestyle is more important to me than anything else, I'd say. Singapore stands out to me as a country that's really hard on its criminals, something other countries could possibly learn from. My question is "What are the positive and negative aspects of life in Singapore?". Or maybe you're from another country and you think it's better :) Tell me about that so I can go there instead! :)
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@dio123 (1790)
• India
26 Dec 08
Hi, I am from another country but I always heard positive things about singapore, hope you will like the place and have a happy life here
26 Dec 08
Well thank you very much! :)
@regal_aeros (2606)
• Singapore
16 Dec 08
well there are 2 sides to a coin. Some people find that the government is an aristocratic type. So like it some don't. Some find that there isn't freedom of speech but hey think about it.. there isn't any cases of rioting around that can cause potential harm to the economy right. Singapore is seen and is being marketed as a green city and great to live in. I must say that the security is indeed better here than other places. I need not be afraid to walk alone on the streets in the night (of course basic precautions have to be taken). One tiny bit of change i'd like in Singapore is the weather. It's summer all year round with temperatures at the average of 25 deg. To make it worse, it's humid. So one tends to feel sticky easily. But some like our weather because they can get to do their tanning =) As for the education system, some find that it's too tough for kids (especially the 2nd language). But i personally feel that after enduring 10 plus years of primary and secondary education, I'm quite proud to be bilingual. Though my 2nd language isn't as strong as my english, but fair enough. As for shopping, it's pretty much the same places. Orchard Road for the ATAS people and Bugis for the youngsters and the heartland malls for those who want to find cheaper bargains for clothes. =) It's really all up the each individual. Some people put certain things are their priority over other things.
21 Dec 08
Cool. Lots of great info there. Thanks for the detailed response :) I'll definitely have to see it for myself. Just out of interest, what is your second language, Chinese?
• Singapore
23 Dec 08
I've been living in S'pore for the past 5 year now, and I must say I enjoy being here. It's safe, virtually pollution free, and a GREAT taxation system. The downside is it gets a little boring since the country is so small, you don't really have much things to do, other than shop, eat, and drink. Oh yeah, it's hot and humid all throughout the year, so we really are dependent on air conditioners. Unfortunately they add up to the green house effect.