Nervous about christmas plays and my boyfriends ex wife.

December 13, 2008 4:34pm CST
I am very nervous this weekend as next Wednesday is a Christmas school play for my boyfriends oldest daughter who is in grade 1 this year. I have met his ex on a few occasions before and I put my foot down with her and she has with me to. But this means that her parents and family are going to be there. I have met all of my boyfriends family and they said they were blessed with a angel. But now I am going to be that OTHER girl. Things like that don't bother me. And sure I don't care that I am the other woman or what her family might say or think. But honestly its just nerves getting to me. I know I will just stand aside and keep my mouth zipped because a school Christmas play is not the place to start something. And obviously because nothing is said badly or rudely in front or around the kids to her or about her. We just to play it like that. The things I say to her are rude and meaningful. She knows where she stand and she knows where I stand. And she knows I am on top. But then again if this was her writing this she would be saying hahah look at her shes stuck with my ex and my kids and things like that. So we stand where we stand. I got the love that she should be getting but with her dumb foolish mistakes have left her with 5 boyfriends in the last 6 months. ( Insert 4 letter word here) On another note, sorry I got side tracked, I have no one I can really just rant about her to except my boyfriend and even then I keep my big mouth shut because he was in love with her at one time and did have a family with her. And I understand. So therefore I am closing off with How do you deal with things like this? How do I kill these nerves before the play? I know once I'm there and sitting in a different row everything will be fine and I will stand with pride beside my boyfriend that night.
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