a daily cup of balck tea can stop tooth decay

@aweins (4203)
December 13, 2008 9:15pm CST
according to the researchers having a cup of black tea protects teeth from rotting and has no effect on the enamel. however the researchers also found out that fizzy drinks and orange juice cause dramatic tooth decay. it has been found that it is a natural source of flouride , so it makes tooth enamel resistasnt to acid. also, tannins in tea appears to inhibit salivary amylase which is an enzyme in saliva, from breaking down dietary starches into sugar in the mouth. the tea immersed in tea water , plain water showed no erosive potential . by contrast teeth immersed in vinegar saw complete, while those emersed in cola and orange juice showed considerable erosion by 20 weeks. so how many of you drink black tea ? what is your opinion on this ?
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