suicidal tendencies

December 13, 2008 11:07pm CST
my mom and I were talking the other day. She felt very low and pitied her self that she wasn't a good role model to us, that we were poor and she can't do anything about it, that she felt my brothers don't need him anymore, her second husband left her because she accidentally fell on a tree and now she can't walk, she felt very useless and that no one loved her and their she said she wishes to die. I just told her she's out of her mind and I know she's just feeling low but what kind of mother would talk like that to her daughter? I have problems too and sometimes I think of giving up and hearing this words come out of her mouth is SO NOT UPLIFTING TO ME. At that moment I felt more grown up than my mother, how could she be so immature?
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@Pitgull (1523)
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14 Dec 08
Sometimes our parents feel vulnerable, they are people too...and sometimes they put us in positions, that they probably should not... She is probably feeling low, but tell her how much you need her....let her know she has a life to live, and show her how she's a part of yours...explain to her you need your mother... or you could resent her and become angry..but that's never good...sometimes we need to be the adult...even when we should be able to be the kid... Sometimes people need us much more than we originally thought we needed them...maybe she opened up to you all because you are her entire life and she was looking for reassurance, even if it was done about the wrong way... good luck with your mother... I hope things get better... Even when you are an adult, you don't have all the answers...and sometimes it is harder because some adults think they should...