Traffic Jam

@syfarisk (378)
December 14, 2008 12:14am CST
How are the traffic volumes like in your country? Do you experience traffic jams when you go to work in the morning, and when you go back home from work in the evening? Here in my country, the traffic jams are very frustrating. A lot of factors contribute to it. Improper road design and also behaviour of drivers both contribute to this problem. It's very frustrating as sometime I arrived work late, even though I left the house very early. Being in traffic jams also eat into our precious time, when we go back home from work in the evening. Even though this is very minor, but in the long run, traffic jams do affect our whole life. It consumes too much of our time, which we could use to do other things which are more beneficial. Just imagine, if we spend one hour in the traffic jam per day, that 5 hours per week, and 20 hours per month! I do suggest, for anyone who want to start working, to work somewhere very close to their homes, and do some research first. Find out in more detail about the traffic in the roads from your home to your workplace. Like I said, some people might see this as something small that we should learn to tolerate. But to me, no, this can affect our whole life, especially for those who want to be successful. They will understand how important it is to consume time efficiently.
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@exodamus (1629)
• India
14 Dec 08
just because there is going to be a traffic jam you cannot find a job near your home. they are all part of city life. one only has to be cool about it and take it as a part of routine work. Just by shouting or fretting nothing will change. Each person should think about it and then only it can be solved
• China
14 Dec 08
Ya,I agree your point about the traffic jams. it is true that it causes much uncomfort, and I am one of the victims. But don't you think who should take the responsibility? To me ,sorry to say ,the private-car owners take the most!! So,I may recomend taking bus to workplaces instead of cars!!!
@syeryn (574)
• United States
14 Dec 08
Year ago when I lived in a large city I would sit in traffic jams an hour on my way to work and another hour on my way home. At the time it was not feasible to move closer to my job location or to find a similar position closer to home. So I wasted 10 hours a week sitting in traffic. Where I live now is a very small town and our idea of a traffic jam is five cars at the main red light in town. We only have three red lights all together. It is nice not to have to sit still but because we are such a small community many have to commute long distances for work. I am one of the fortunate ones who does not have to commute and for that I remain grateful. Great post!