what is love???????

United States
December 14, 2008 1:28am CST
1.obsession-is it liking someone so much u wouldn't be able to live with out them! 2.fear to let go-is it being so used to that person its hard to imagine what it would be like without that person so you just keep on hanging on taking all the same crap over and over! 3.greed-is it all about not wanting anyone to have ur partner even though you dont want them! Ive seen many people think their in love i have as well. its not that ive given up on love its just so hard to tell when you truly are in love.most people i know its about the fear to let go its sometimes annoying how they keep committing the same mistakes and never learn. i would like to know what you think,what is love?
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@anylollo (10)
• Romania
14 Dec 08
love? i loved many times... but only once i've been truly in love. when i saw him i just stopped seeing well, i only saw him, didnt hear well, only heard him. i didnt know him, but there was something special, then luck made that we got to stay more together, he wasnt any of what i wished from my dream guy, but in the same time he was all of it. even though we broke up, it hurts anytime we fight as it hurt then. we stayed best friends, and simply cant escape each other. simply got stuck up. i think love is a connection that kinda unites two people and no matter what brings them together again. life without it is empty, but it isnt like obsession, fear to let go. you can give it up anytime, leave everything behind... but it will... kinda haunt you forever
• United States
15 Dec 08
thanks for your comment! my older sister and I were talking about this becouse she is having some problems in her marriage. i apreciate it! ;}
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18 May 09
What is love? Baby don't hurt me no more. Lol I think love is that happy feeling you get when your around someone that gives you butterflys. Accept it doesn't go away. Corny anwser I know. ;P