i need to fart!

December 14, 2008 2:39am CST
i know this discussion may sound gross to most people, because we do try to mask our flatulence everytime we dispel bad air. but today, i needed to. farting is required when you have had an operation, because if you don't fart, something might be wrong with the procedure and you will not given solid food until you do. in my case today, i had a terrible backache and stomachache because it turned out that it was air trapped in my intestines. and i am pregnant, so you could just imagine the discomfort that i felt. i was sweating really hard because of the pain. anyway, i realized it was air when in the afternoon, i felt the pain moving downwards. at first i suspected kidney problem, but when the pain moved, thank God, i think it was air. i have already applied oils on my back and tummy and drank hot water. but still nothing. though i did expel air through my mouth by burping, i still think there is some air trapped in my large intestines that is causing the discomfiture. i was not able to go to church because of how i felt. but thank God, I knew He was there with me all throughout. do you know any other ways how i can fart? thanks and God bless you all!
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