Do You Have A Joke To Tell?

@yparson (582)
United States
December 14, 2008 2:40am CST
I like funny jokes to make to laugh. Laughter is good for the soul. Do you have a joke to share with mylotters. I'm not good at telling jokes-always mess up the punch line. Thanks for sharing you jokes.
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@j47lee (742)
• Canada
15 Dec 08
Once a man and his wife were having problems and they were giving each other the silent treatment... the next week, the man needed his wife to wake him up at 5 am to catch a business flight to Chicago.. so not wanting to break the silence first, he wrote in a piece of paper " Please wake me up at 5 am" The next morning he gets up and sees that it is 9 am and he had already missed his flight... so he gets up to see why his wife didnt' wake him up.. and sees a piece of paper in his bedside saying "Wake up, it is 5 am "