Wanting to start a Sanskrit Blog..

December 14, 2008 4:51am CST
I wanted to start a Blog in Sanskrit. I found one in www.wordpress.com, but of all the languages listed there Sanskrit Editor wasn't available.Yet there were sanskrit texts posted for example in one blog that was called Karthik's Blog! The font and style looked like the Hindi Script/Editor in Google, but when I went to Google looking for a Sanskrit Editor I didn't find it. I posted a query in Blogger.com/help asking for some help. It has not been answered till date. The query itself untraceably is lost in the mire or deluge of Q's. My son located a search engine on Google Labs for Sanskrit text on the net. I was simply thrilled- for the editor was too good. But then this is availble, only as a search string former, not as a full fledged editor. I tried making do with the Hindi editor but it is cumbersome for Sanskrit.The best Editor I have found on the net for Sanskrit is Omkarananda Ashram's ITRANS99. Can anyone help? Now don't you bother about where I will find readership for a Sanskrit Blog. I know where to look for it, and how to get the right kind of traffic, for this blog. Further, I believe not everything in this world is related to making money alone!
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