Automatically generated letters by public authorities - don't you hate them?

December 14, 2008 5:47am CST
One of my friends received a standard automatically generated letter from her landlord, the local authority, threatening her with eviction for being £0.72 in arrears with her rent! (less than 1 US$). When challenged they said that it was automatically generated! No human involved! In UK you can go to prison for non-payment of Council tax (like a local income tax - paid to the local authority). One of my other friends received a letter threatening him with prison for being £50 behind on his council tax bill! Again - he was told 'it was a standard letter'! What is going on? Why are there no humans checking these absurdities? Are the computer programmes so badly written that they can only produce one type of letter regardless of the amount in question? Do you have any similar examples of bureaucratic incompetence?
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