Is it too late?

December 14, 2008 1:54pm CST
I read a recent article about the tigers that we have left in our world and the numbers are down to only 4000. I was wondering whether we have now left it too late to save them from extinction? And if we havent, what else can we do? As someone from England I am pretty limited as to what i can do to save the Tigers any further than the Adoption packs that we find in shops here or that we may buy online. But I do question if these are enough to help. After all, its just a few pounds that goes into the running of sanctuaries and reserves. What else can I do? I would hate to see these beautiful creatures leave our planet. They are majestic and regal and should never have been shot to these low numbers in the first place. It really does upset me to think people kill these animals just for their fur. Are the penalties for the killing of Tigers high enough? I think not! I love Tigers and so does my we are open to try anything in our powers to help. What could we possibly do though?
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