president zardari's viewsand the u.s.

December 14, 2008 2:40pm CST
Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan, has publishe an articlae in the Newyork Times recently on 9 Dec. He says there: "The world worked to exploit religion against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan by empowering the most fanatical extremists as an instrument of distruction of a Super Power. The strategy worked, but its legacy was the creation of an extremist militia with its own dynamic. "Pakistan is paying the price:the legacy of dictatorship, the fatigue of fanaticism, the dismemberment of civil society and distruction of our democratic infrastructure. The resulting poverty continues to fuel the extremists and has created a culture of grievance and victimhood." It is obvious that Zardari has not named the US but he means that it was the U.S.which was responsible.He says all this in the context of some terrorists, who hail from Pakistan, attacking and killing about 180 people, including several Americans,Britishers and other Europeans, in the city of Mumbai in India.India demands of Pakistan to take severe action agaist terrorist hide-outs in that country.The U.S.too does the same. Now, I desire to put these questions: Is not the US responsible for the growth of terrorism in Pakistan as much, if not more,as Pakistan? Is it not ironical that the US blames Pakistan for these terrorist activities? Is it not a fact that terrorism has been allowed to grow there by the rulers of Pakistan which was under the military dictatorship with the open support of the US till the other day?Is the US perturbed now because several Americans have been killed by the Pakistani terrorists? Is the present US attitude towards Pakistan govt. genuine or only a show to pacify the anger and anguish of India?
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• India
15 Dec 08
First it was Pakistan which got played into US' hands. Pakistan gave itself as a US' base to earn the dollar flows. US wanted to continue and establish its hegemony by fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, by abetting the Taliban. Being contiguous Pakistan was used as a run-away shelter.Thus over the years Pakistan got infested with such ill-directed youth. They put it to advantage by allowing these fellows to brew trouble in Kashmir, thus furthering the unrest there to keep the Kashmir issue alive.Now, seeing that India doesn't seem to budge and they have lost all their debates in the UN on Kashmir, the ire of unrecompensed Terror seems to have turned to India's financial Capital that is MUMBAI.Your doubts in the last line are not without reason. But the general mood is for the US to come closer to India it looks like. For the US seems to have developed some sense that there seems to be sense in enlisting India's support in rebuilding US economy? It needs a lot of divining and shrewd reading between the lines to know US' real intentions. Zardari of course is giving one lame excuse after the other to divert the world's attention. There is absolutely no point in treating his utterances as even considered opinions. It is a game of clever blame pushing.