Do you believe in what you cant see?

December 14, 2008 5:38pm CST
I do. Magic and ghosts and the such like, I believe in all that. But why is it that people are so willing to believe in what they cant see or prove, but when they are presented with evidence of something,they will deny that it is real? Is it faith? ignorance? fear?
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@dearlot (175)
• Brunei Darussalam
15 Dec 08
i think its depends on the individual , i dont but i believe in illusions and spirits , not ghost and magic. Magic are just illusions thet trick your vision, they ten to find you blindspot from your view and trcik you, that illusion, we can deny that illusions work because its a fact that it will, because there is science. On the other hand for Spirits, they are spirits not ghost because its is what they are, angry spirit , sad grief and so on, we dont see ghost but rather spirits.:)
15 Dec 08
true,but whenI say magic, I am not talking David Blaine but deeper and more mystical than that.
• New Zealand
15 Dec 08
I also believe in magic gohst and other things that we humans can not see. I think that for mkost people its fear that makes them ignore the evidence that is presented to them. The fear that there is more bad and evil things out there thn the good and the wonderful.
15 Dec 08
thats so true.
• India
15 Dec 08
Yes we can because our eyes can never cheat us so i if i really see the gost i belive the gosts exist so i never belive in gost and i never try to belive what i have not seen but some people say did you see america or africa how do you belive it is there but i say it's pratical asking that type of questions is simply childish attitude