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December 14, 2008 6:30pm CST
Okay I'm taking a Business Course in college. We have a DQ Question Due Tuesday and I need some help. I'm having trouble on how I should answer this weeks question. Here is the question. Post your response to the following: In what ways are purpose, audience, tone, and content different for interpersonal and business communication? Provide specific examples to support your answer. Consider your own experience as you answer this question. If you have not worked in a business environment, you may ask a friend, parent, or other adult about his or her experiences. Anyone help me with this? Would appreciate it, thanks!
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@gohan2091 (544)
15 Dec 08
Interpersonal communication is causal talking between friends, peers, classmates, family and co-workers. This communication type is used when questions are asked, jokes are told and other informal conversations (like casual chit-chat). Tone can range in interpersonal communication based on differences between the people in the communication, emotions and external factors such as surroundings. Informal language, slang and imperfect grammar are generally accepted in this communication type. For business communication, things are different. It is about the gathering and passing of information. This usually is done via memos, letters, meetings, emails and teleconference calls. Employees may use this type when talking to managers, co-workers and other people in the business. Tone will usually not change, unlike interpersonal communication, but a formal, friendly tone should be adopted, with good grammer, clear speech, language and orders/questions.
@Blondie2222 (23026)
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15 Dec 08
Thanks for you're help! This will better help me to answer the question with ur tips and details.
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