The Cause of the Sudden Death of Filipino Actor Marky Cielo: More speculations

December 15, 2008 4:42am CST
Hello all! If you are a Filipino, there is no way that you have not heard of the death of Marky Cielo. The sudden death of young actor and Kapuso star Marky Cielo has shocked the whole country. How can a healthy young man just die suddenly in his sleep? Although "bangungot" is quite a common thing in our country, and it was speculated at first that Marky did die of bangungot. But as the days go by, more questions are being raised. There were reports that Marky had a big problem prior to his death. They say he has acquired HIV. Some say he has fathered a child to woman from an influential family and he is getting death threats because of this, probably trying to coerce him to marry the girl. His mother reportedly told him to face the consequences. All these lead to the conclusion that Marky killed himself or committed suicide just so he could escape his problems. But if we come to think of it, why would a guy at the peak of his career, who is not even on drugs as they claim, not be able to face a problem of impregnating a woman? I mean, I will forego morality here, but let us face it, there has been an increasing number of young or even teenage pregnancies lately, and if ever, Marky's case would not be the first. So why go to the extent of ending your life over it? Is it because he has a squeaky clean image and he could not bear receiving the flack when the news will the media? We really don't know the reasons. Only God knows the real issues that were in Marky's heart. People can only speculate. Although Marky is a national figure, I think it is time that we let his case rest and let his family mourn the loss of their beloved son. Let us allow the beautiful memory of a good Marky remain. What do you say? Please share... Thanks!
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