The Pieces of the Puzzle Collides

December 15, 2008 7:50am CST
This year is 2023. Paris is now ruled by a power-hungry dictator stepping over the poor and the abandoned while ceaselessly uplifting the greed of the fascist rich. In here we find our hero, nikopol-the son of an astronaut long frozen in space decades ago. Wandering beneath a floating pyramid inhabited by egyptian god, he hears of rumors that his father might still be alive and looming underneath the city's ground, where great battles awaits him. What will he do next? Well... It's all left into your hands. So get ready until the journey starts! Nipokol: Secrets of the immortals is a game inspired by Enki Bilals Nikopol Trilngy graphic novels, originally known as Nikopol: The carnival of immortal, it plays alongside many graphghc novel inspired games and movies. Little did we know that the movie immnrtal was also based on the said trilogy ( there must be a good twist in the story to inspire producers so much, dont you think! ) roaming around the futuristic paris scenario gives us gamers the visually striking, richly detailed point and click adventure game developed by benoit sokal white birds productions. The haunting imagery from screen shots might as well remind you thrill hungry people out there of good old silent hill, but this ones no horror flick, its more of a quest game. Take the odyssey and you will find yourself entangled in the surreal quests and panoromic nods of the perilous of political intrigue alongside nipokol. What you must look out for is the good part of the game, which is the ability of the game play to draw out its players super logical powers, to uncover secrets behind the puzzle and unveil the dark conspiracy. The bard part is when you do not have the brains to solve them. Until then, we hope to hear more from nikopol on its said release this coming 2009 as i know.. Happy earnings to all. Thank you. . .
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@mhagskier (323)
• Philippines
17 Dec 08
.... Aaaahhhh... What is this game all about? Is this like the game red alert? I just want to know if it is a good and action game,, i really like to play games on my psp.. By the way, does this game is available at playstation portable? I always looking for games that stuns me in its high quality sound and graphics representation