another "trusted" site is gone. Buxout is closed.

December 15, 2008 8:12am CST
Hello to everyone, today I tried to login into buxout, and i found they're closed. So another "trusted" site is gone, and we clicked for long time for nothing. Or better, our efforts got some results: the site owner earned lot of money. We were the losers. In the best situation we only wasted money. But lot of people will cry on their money. Should we all stop to click on PTC sites? Should we make a "clickers strike"? Without us, ptc sites are nothing. So why we can't let them work in the way we want? why we don't join only instant payment sites (like neobux) that pay us with no minimal payout? You will say "no ptc pay instantly with no minimal payout". Right. But if we only join that kind of sites, the owners that will want run that kind of business will must do that. Otherwise they can click their ads themselves. And with no help in household ;) Why we are so silly that we can't understand we are a power? People is the most unused power in the world. Not only on PTC, just on everything.
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• United States
15 Dec 08
i cant believe it closed... i was almost at min payout too.. so sad..frustrating