marriege for convenience.

@cupcyke (363)
December 15, 2008 9:14am CST
hello everyone! its my first time here in myLot website. Im just confused about it, i saw some people that are successful in this what we call "marriage for convenience "and some are not getting good to it, others are ended in divorce. Just wanna ask how does it affect to our society and especially you? Pls give me some advice on it cuz may be im one of them soon...
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@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
15 Dec 08
Hi cupcyke, welcome to mylot and I hope that you have a happy stay here. Do you are thinking about marry for convenience? Well I'm not the better person to give advices to the others but I must say: think very well about this. If the marriage will be successeful it is a matter of fate. Many people marry for love and it ended in divorce. But at least you will be happy for a while. I really don't know what to say about this. My best advice is think very well about this and do what you think is better to you. I wish you the best. Have a nice day.
@cupcyke (363)
• Philippines
23 Dec 08
i really find my lotting very interesting thats why i open this website evryday. thank you very much for your response, i was thinking of what you told may be we will ended in divorce if our marriage wont be successful and my decision is better quit this early so that no one will get hurt. thanks again.
@mobhomeir (7565)
• Philippines
16 Dec 08
you're right. some are lucky some are not, just like a gamble because you don't know yet what might be the result if you gamble yourself to it.I think if you're ready to do it. try to find an idea of what if it will not succeded. Can you still find a way to get out of it? Try to analyze what other RISK you might at stake if you gamble. Of course, thanks if you will be lucky because evrything would just be fine. Think million times if you failed, can you take the consequences? Will your parents and sister be not affected to your idea of marrying for convenience if you will be lucky?..think it over cause the decisions would be coming from you..
• China
15 Dec 08
you better think well about it.don't hesitate to marry. take more time to get to understand each other.marriage in haste is a disaster in your life. i don't want to marry an chinese saying goes, i want to hold your handsand grow old with you
@lou_66 (909)
15 Dec 08
i know this does happen but i think it is a shame as people should get married because they love each other. but the fact that this is a marriage of convieniance means that it will the partnership will benefit both sides. maybe one day they will learn to love each other. happy mylotting