Tree Frogs

United States
December 15, 2008 9:13pm CST
I have 2 Green Tree Frogs, the ones with the white stripe down their sides. I've had them for over a year now and they're my babies, but anyways. I was wondering a few things. I have never given them any kind of vitamin powders or sprays and was reading up about them. I always thought they were doing well and was wondering if anyone else has given their frogs these sprays or powders? I feed them usually every other day, just crickets from the pet store. I wanted to know your experiences with tree frogs.. any advise on them and their habits and daily feeding is much appreciated. Also, I was at the pet shop the other day and seen a different kind of tree frog (Banana or Golden tree frog) I immediately fell in love but I didn't want to risk mixing the frogs or stressing my 2 out. I was wondering if anyone has mixed different types of tree frogs and how it went?
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@jastiger (21)
• Australia
20 May 09
i have 2 green tree frogs too.they are gorgeus. i have never used vitamin powder or sprays & they seem to be healthy.i dont think its a good idea just to feed them crickets,they are meant to have a variety of bugs.i feed mine flys(i set fly traps),maggots(come from fly trap),moths(ileave my kitchen light on & they come to the window, then i use a small net to catch them),worms(i dig in my garden,if it has rained),mealworms(i brought them at the pet shop,waited for them to turn into beetles & now breeding them),earwigs,slaters,grubs,(search my back yard)i dont know how often they are meant to eat,i feed my every day.i wish they would eat cat food or dog food because there are days i can hardly find bugs in my yard with mixing tree frogs maybe ask a pet shop hopefully they might know