Those big round earring really give me the creeps!!

@ronnyb (6120)
December 16, 2008 1:16am CST
I was watching television last night and saw a young lady with big round earrings,so big ,your hand could fit in it and it made me feel like I always do when I see women in those kinds of earring,very uneasy. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing women in earring especially knobs and little diamond stubs (and so on I ma not an expert here) but the minute it starts getting too big or it starts hanging down form their ear I get uneasy. Let me explain why and I hope you are not freaked out too, I keep thinking what if they got their earring caught in something,God forbid, that would be a nasty injury. Does anyone else feel this way? what type of earring do you wear ladies (I suppose I should extend this to some of you gents too lol) So ladies keep it small please with no extensions or hanging parts and if you do be VERY CAREFUL AND STAY AWAY FROM ME...............I LOVE YOU ALL TO MUCH TO SEE SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPEN TO YOU
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@suzzy3 (8357)
17 Dec 08
You don't have to worry about me,had my ears pierced and I could not bear it,so I let them heal over,never been able to wear anything on my ears,sensitive,my mum always used to say be careful,and things like you could get hurt,and I think she did to gooder job.My mum was the original health and safety lady,if there was anything remotely dangerous in her eyes she pointed it out,including the danger of ear rings being caught up, making your ears rot and drop off,if we went anywhere near a cliffs edge she used to start having a fit.So I am with you on that one,xxx
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@ronnyb (6120)
• Jamaica
18 Dec 08
My mother too was like that .She refused to pierce my sisters ears for those same reasons .She kept on saying that she couldnt bear to see my sister get her ear pierced and if she wants to get here ears pierced she can do it when she was older.She was also always saying that she too hated women wearing those earrings.I think I got it from her .
• New Zealand
18 Dec 08
I love earings. They are so pretty. I have over 100 pairs of earings. ALl my earings vary in colours and sizes. I can understand how they can creep you out. Especially those big round ones where a persons fist can go through but i dont have any of tho I don't think that telling ladies (or gents) that they should't wear earings will help the course. I always wear earings and its become a habbit that now I can not leave the house without wearing thm. But the types of earing I wear depend on where I am going. Say for example if I am going to the Gym thn I would just wear small studs and if I am going someplace where there is going to be a lot of kids thn I wear something bright and shiny but it can't be too long becasue I know that kids will pull it ;). Even If I am going to a nightclub I'll wear something thats not too long. But If i am going to a small party or dinner thn only will I wear those really big earing. Also while wearing big earing most ladies would pull their hair up so that the earings are not visiable, so I dont think that its harmful at all.