Can someone tell me about the writting website helium

December 16, 2008 5:35am CST
i want to know if anyone has been paid with this website, and if it pays well, and just generally anything about it, cheers
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@paid2write (5202)
17 Dec 08
I get paid every month by PayPal from Helium. It is not a site to join if you want an easy way to earn money, you have to enjoy writing and be willing to take part in the rating system. There are several ways to make money, by writing articles at Helium. The more articles you write, the more you can earn in daily revenue share from page views. To earn money this way, you need to have a rating star, which you gain by comparing sets of articles and rating the one you think is best. When you have written a number of good articles you gain writing stars through the rating system, and then you are qualified to receive upfront payments for all new articles you write in the paying channels. You can win money in the free writing contests at Helium and, best of all, you can sell your work in the marketplace, by writing to publishers assignments. When your article is selected, the publisher pays Helium, and the money is added to your account. Assignments usually pay between $20 and $120. I am earning well from my participation. I have found it is a really good place for learning how to write for the internet. Helium has helped me to improve my writing skills, and to get into the freelance writing business. If you look at my profile you will find a Helium banner, and links to some of my articles.
18 Dec 08
I did think it was alot more serious than other writting sites on the internet, which really im glad about... but it means i am really going to have to write about what im passionate about and not just write cos it pays, cheers