Aide dog injured by hit and run driver in Ventnor, NJ

@jerzgirl (8058)
Gloucester City, New Jersey
December 16, 2008 6:35am CST
An amputee and his aide dog were walking when a car pulled away from the curb after dropping someone off and struck him and his dog, dragging the dog around the corner before the leash broke. The vet is soliciting donations to cover the cost of surgery and care for the animal. Here is the news link which includes the address for the donations. The fact that this person had been stopped and this name began walking across means to me he had to have seen them and simply didn't care - or he was too drunk to judge his distance. I hope they catch this A-hole. His friend isn't much better for not coming forward after apparently witnessing this. Anyone care to help this poor animal who is now the one in need of aid?
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@jayrene (2712)
• Philippines
1 Aug 09
this is really horrible... i hope there are still other witnesses, and that they will catch this person, who is heartless. i have two dogs that got hit by a jeepney and an owner jeep too. the other one stopped, but the other one, did the same thing hit and run.
• United States
18 Dec 08
that is just sad.some people are incredibly disgusting. how somebody could drive away after doing something like that is just beyond me.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
16 Dec 08
Oh dear it is a case that the more you are unfortunate, misery strikes more. I really hope that they catch the culprit and make him pay for the damages that he has created. I really hope that people are generous with this guy and his dog.