On Police Forces

@mookhor (304)
December 16, 2008 7:26am CST
We have polices who are under either the state or the center. It is learned that they are to maintain the law and order of the society.But we have grown up with such ideas that always stand against the polices. We have always seen them taking bribes or behaving inn a manner as if they are born to be slaves of the political leaders of the country. We have seen them torturing the people innocent in most of the cases. Very few people like them getting as relatives, as their son-in-law or so. But they are our sons. They have grown among us and they are our friends and family-members. It is strange that we segregate ourselves mentally as well as physically as they join in the police forces. This is a sorry spectacle in India and in China and in many countries. Such forces have been colored in the black ink in all the folk tales of the world. Will you please tell me why this does happen ? May be my way of finding things is not right. In such case please help me to rectify.
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• China
16 Dec 08
not all police are bad.that depends on the state leader and the goverment.police just follow orders,that's their job and duty.the one command them is critical