Is the news supposed to always present something new?

@hdjohnson (2981)
United States
December 16, 2008 7:39am CST
If you watch the news these days, all you hear is about the economy and the state of recession. I noticed over the past several weeks that they continue to talk about a certain court case about Brian Nichols, he killed some folks and we was sentenced to life in prison. When does a story become old? When is the new, supposed to be news? Isn't the root word of news "new"? The same especially holds true with politics as well. The Illinois senator who attempted to sell Barack Obama's senate seat. They just can't seem to tell anything new about an old topic. Why must we continue to repeat history?
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• China
16 Dec 08
same here in china.seems that all bad guys find one,then another,then another...why they take risk to do this?money, power...
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@rocketj1 (6960)
• United States
16 Dec 08
I think it really seems like we are re-hashing stuff because we have such an over abundance of news sources now. When I was a kid, we had the news three times a day. It seemed to be bringing us genuinely "new" news at each broadcast. Now, it's on 24/7. They need to fill the air time, stay competitive with other stations and venues (ie internet etc.) and make us think that they have even a little bit more info than the next guy. It's not really doing us a service at all. They don't bring us a lot of world news however because they don't want to lose the edge on the other stations concerning national stuff. I believe they are tying their own hands. Wouldn't it be interesting to see if there could be a station that claimed to bring something NEW all day long? They could make that their trademark. There is enough stuff on the international wire that it would not even be a problem. Getting actual on-the-scenes reporters may be difficult. However with satellites they could utilize local reporters from around the world! Hey! I think I have an idea here!