whats the exact meaning of life?

December 16, 2008 9:54am CST
we know now a days there is no meaning of life.may people commiting suscide and doing something nonsense like playing games.why they r doing like that,i feel pitty that am i living in this society but i cant do other than that.is it the meaning of life,sometimes it distrub me .what do u say.i want your opinion
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• Netherlands
16 Dec 08
I'm not too sure how to explain this but I think life's a test. It's testing you daily how you're dealing with problems, people, relations and more. Do you notice that everytime you think "Finaly, I have no problem right now" and the next day or anytime close to that, a huge problem pops up? I know some people play games all day long, and don't do anything else. Well, I don't bother if they are having fun but there's so much you can do in real life that's way more interesting. You just have to grab those opportunaties and not let it slip or wait for them.