Do you like going to cosplays?? :D

December 16, 2008 10:29am CST
well, i like first cosplay was last year, November 2007, where my friends and i went to UP diliman and we went as the school rumble character was the the blonde girl, Eri Sawachika..well since it was our first,,of course we were the ones that sucked the most..well..actually we were the only ones that sucked in the group performance category..ahh least the audience gave us their sympathy and gave some polite claps...a lot of people took our pictures and is now scattered in the net..oh well.. have you ever been to a cosplay?? have you gone to one where you were dressed up as a character? what character were you?? (^_^)...i'd like to see cosplays in other countries and see how the people there design their costumes...:D....
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