What internet page do you visit more often?

United States
December 16, 2008 3:44pm CST
I would have to say yahoo. I tend to check my email alot. Or bidz.com. Bidz.com is a jewelry site where you can get jewelry up to 95% off. It is a bidding site you have to have the highest bid. If you have not went on there and checked it out you should.
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• Malaysia
17 Dec 08
Hi kysweetgal :) my favourite site that I visit daily is Onemanga, Mylot, and friendster :)
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
16 Dec 08
This is a pretty good discussion and since the internet is very important in peoples lives since there are so many different things you can do on the internet today and more and more people are on the internet,and I am sure that different people have different sites that the spend more time on,for one reason or another,and then I am sure there are probably people who either do not have one site that they spend a lot of time on,either because they do not spend much time on the internet,maybe because they do not have a computer at home,or they have other things they rather do like watch television,read a book,watch a movie,or maybe even just relax,or they might be busy with their work schedule especially if they have long work shifts,and a lot of responsibilities,or they might be busy with things around the house such as chores,or taking care of children if they have any,and I can understand both points of view,and me and my fiance spend a lot of our time online,and I am not sure about one site I visit more than other but I can probably narrow it down to the five I visit the most,one of course is mylot because me and my fiance will spend hours on here a day trying to make as much money as we can,since we can not find a job right now,and we are trying to save as much money as we can,since we are saving for our wedding which is set for September of next year,and there is still a lot we have to buy and plan,the next would probably be myspace because that is how me and my fiance keep up with our friends since almost all of them have a myspace,and they all have busy schedules, next would probably be Slice the pie which is a site that pays you to rate and review music,which it pays in Great British pounds which five dollars in Great British Pounds equals around ten dollars in United States currency,next would probably be AOL mail which is my main email,and I used it to keep up with the important things,like when me and my fiance order things offline,and the last would probably be Gamefaqs because whenever I get stuck on a game I go to Gamefaqs and look up a guide to help me figure out where I am supposed to go,or what I am supposed to do,and if my brother is playing a game and he gets stuck he will call and have me look up a guide for him,since he does not have a computer.
• United States
16 Dec 08
i check my emial, myspace, and facebook a thousand times a day. im completely addicted to checking these sites. my computer broke at home, and i went into DT's because i couldnt check them over the weekend.
• Philippines
16 Dec 08
i do visit often mylot, ciao and friendster. everytime i open the PC, it's my routine to visits that site. of course mylot. haha. happy mylotting!