My appetite is extra Big These Days

United States
December 16, 2008 7:01pm CST
Okay,well,i gotta say.I'm sure puttin away all kinds of grub lately. Really REALLY chowin down sort to speak.I've been Surprising myself with the amounts i'm putting away on that constantly filled plate of mine. I'm just eating SO MUCH MORE than i was in the spring,summer and fall. I do not have a scale so i have no idea what i weigh but i dont see my gut getting bigger so whatever i guess.I Just Really Enjoy Eating,especially lately. I Do workout regularly,plus my metabolism is still obviously quite a bit on the higher side.Not as high as it was in my teens obviously,but still quite a ways up there compared to the vast majority amongst my age group. one thing in particular that i'm eating SO MUCH MORE of lately is Ice Cream for some reason.I'm just putting that stuff away like Mad!...LOL....mmm mmm mmmm,so so GOOD!!!
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