I dont know whats wrong

@willy6 (492)
December 16, 2008 7:30pm CST
I have being communicating with mylot for many months. But since today i notice i cannot log into my account. I dont have an idea whats wrong. If anyone has experience such problem could you please tell me. I was willy1, But I have to start a new account by and change my username to willy6. I am so confused. I hope someone can help.
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
17 Dec 08
What a coincidence! Barely a month ago, one of my female officemates also had the same experience as you had. She even told me to create a discussion regarding this issue but for some unknown reason, I felt too lazy or hesitant to do just that. I was the one who introduced mylot to her. In fact, she was primarily one of my downlines. However, she was unable to log in to her account for several months and as a result; she already forgot her password to her first account. Just like you, she resorted to creating another account. And with this second account she created, she was able to reply to several discussions and if I'm not mistaken, she has also made 1 or 2 discussions herself. Unfortunately, she encountered another problem with the second account again. She was unable to log in to her second account, just like what happened with her first account. Up to this day, she still hasn't able to check her accounts with mylot and she decided not to create a third account. I guess you could ask the mylot admin regarding this matter. I sincerely hope that you get enough helpful replies with your discussion. Good luck and happy holidays!
@sanuanu (11238)
• India
17 Dec 08
Well, what is exact problem? Have you forgotten your password? Or it says mylot user doesn't exist? Because It has happened to me before and I must tell that there is nothing I can help you but tell you to be with this account only. Try contacting mylot by sending a message to a user named "mylot". It sucks but its true that Mylot has found something in your account and disabled it. It might b that you got x number of abuse or something like that. In my case I was starting a discussion with so adult words, like F words.
@vanities (11401)
• Davao, Philippines
17 Dec 08
why not trying to ask inquiries to the admin and give them your previous account/user name and status of it..in that way maybe you will know the status of your previous user name and everything..