New year time!

December 16, 2008 7:50pm CST
hi guys, Its another Christmas time, new year is just round the corner, and we are all set taking resolutions. SO what did you guys take? I've not jumped into it already, but I'm working on it. Some people swear they won't poke their sisters again, and some other swear he will go to church every Sundays. So what's yours? Is the coming year special in any way? I mean is something gonna happen? DO you know something? What's the best resolution you have taken\your friends have taken so far? People round here take up silly things like " I swear I will do my homework from now on". That's silly, but a popular one. yep, that's the link to "Top ten new year resolutions for a jerk. Check it out! I don't know why i cant type the whole thing in a single line, but copying it and pasting it into your address bar will work.
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