Take a snap in class? Oh, it's OK.

December 16, 2008 11:30pm CST
Of course, as a student, you are just forbiddened to do that in class while your teacher is try his or her best to make you understand something both useful and meaningful. However, have you felt that sometimes you just could not control yourself? Though you have tried many ways to prevent you from falling asleep, you just couldn't? Maybe, at least I have. Then, you want to take a snap? Ok, it's just ok. As much as I know, if you try to keep yourself awake and fight against the sleep insects, you will miss the content what your teacher just talked about and will talk about, and if you take a snap instead, things will not worse than that and you will clearly understand what your teacher will talk about next. Of course, the snap should not last long, ten minutes at most. That maybe right for me and only concluded from my own experience. So if you don't like that, just forget about it. Good luck and try to be a good student.
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@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
17 Dec 08
Better not for a college student. Other than the manner issue, I would suggest you look to your lunch carefully. Have you eaten too much heavy food, such as meat and oily stuff, which is disturbing you while your mind is supposed to be more cared about in class. It will be a different story for those spare-time students, who have had a whole day of hard work before rushing to the night school. I usually kept my eyes half closed on them. As long as they keeps half awaken and barely know what is going on, it should be all right. Aware of our age gap, I only expect that you manage a good balance between the manners and the physical requirements. Keep fit and shiny, you will be followed by wisdom and luck!
@epizzahut (2080)
• China
17 Dec 08
do anything what you want,and thank god we can snap,enjoy it,that's all what we should do.ha ha............
@jzqt27 (542)
• Canada
17 Dec 08
ya that's okay sometime if the professor didn't see you sleeping, but at the same time your wasting your money if your in secondary school, not learning anything at all; which mean you have to learn everything by yourself and focus more on it and last of all would be; it very rude if you sleep in your classroom during a class. it seems like you are not respecting your professor at all, because maybe the way he teaches or the subject that he/she is teaching. i never fall asleep in class, even when the class is very boring or the professor teaching style.
• United States
17 Dec 08
I don't think that it is ok to take a nap in class. Afterall, you are there to get an education and you can not take in the lecture if you are napping. If you are so tired that you do not feel that you can stay awake during a class, you should not go to class at all. I think that the teacher will appreciate it more if you do not come to class than if you decide to take a nap during class. Remember, they do hold total power over your grade.