Birth Control

December 17, 2008 12:52am CST
The very high birth rates in the third world give a surplus of young people in those countries, whereas the stable populations and low birth of the developed countries have led to a possible of middle age or old people. How can we hepl prevent this from occuring?
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• India
17 Dec 08
The increasing population of the third world is also a problem for them as it retards their development. So most of them are trying to control birth rate by making aware of the problem of having too many children by providing education, good health facility, preventing child marriage etc. However, generally literacy rate is low there and people think that adding children especially male will increase the number of earning member. Moreover, in present day world none can be forced to adopt birth control measure by the government. Birth control will take some time to be effective. In the developed countries, the people get better education, health facility, better standard of life and are aware of the problems of having many children and generally marry at a later age, so the population growth is nil or negative. They are to be induced by the government to marry early and to have more children by giving some incentives so that balance in age group is maintained. Apart from these, I think there is no other alternative.