Mary had a little lamp...

December 17, 2008 1:21am CST
I have been a dog lover since i was a child... all the dogs i have had have been my best pals... to other people it seemed like 'Mary had a little lamp' to me it was friendship and love... so all those who have dogs,love them and be loved... companionship matters so if you dont have a dog get one NOW... Tell me if you love your dog and lets prove that 'DOG LOVERS' do exist...??!
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@808nala (640)
• United States
17 Dec 08
I definitely love my dogs. I don't know what I would do without them. I can't imagine life without them in my life. I am dreading the day they die. They aren't that old though, so I should have many more great years with them. I grew up with dogs and other pets, but I always enjoyed the doggie company most of all.
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@leeapollo (611)
• China
18 Dec 08
I do love my dog. my dog is my friend in the world . they play with me when I was a lonely child . in my family , dog is the member of family. we all love happy mylotting.
@kaka135 (14016)
• Malaysia
17 Dec 08
To me, my dog is like my kid. She came to my house when she was about 1 month old, we started to feed her with milk, then slowly gave her dog food. We take care of her as if we are taking care of our baby. Now, she's grown up a bit, she's like a small kid now. She's so adorable and lovely. We do not only bring her up, but we need to educate and train her. So, sometimes when she's done something wrong, we have to punish to let her know that she's wrong, and not to do it again. I feel sad when I'm punishing her, but that's the only way I can teach her, as she doesn't understand human language. She's like part of our family.