Which Laptop..

December 17, 2008 2:13am CST
A lot of laptop out their....which one u like???? i like DELL-because it's intersting and beutiful...a lot of color..i like green color
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• China
17 Dec 08
I only use thinkpad series, especially T43 and T60, now I'm using T60. It's realible. Sometime I just let it run for couple weeks and never shutdown, like a server, isn't it? Many of my friends use T43 or T60, years ago when I was at university, my teacher using a T42, Oh he's a crazy programmer and tortured that T42 badly, but it still runs well. I appreciate it's quality very much! If you ask what's the second choice is? It must be a MacBookAir. And there's no third choice.
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• China
20 Jan 09
yeah, thinkpad is just perfect. c'est bon!
@stiener (735)
• Singapore
21 Dec 08
My personal preference is Lenovo or IBM. I have been using desktops and laptops produced by them. The laptop they produced have gained my trust in them. The laptop will probably outlast the battery's lifespan. Even as Lenovo took over the sales and development rights of Thinkpad, the concept is still carried on with a different manufacturer. I think it is the brand that I trusted most and will be using them in the future.
• India
18 Dec 08
yeah metoo! btu this time i bought an HP computer instead of a dell the hp had more options btu i love the dell's esp their touchpads! happy lotting and have a ncie day!
@youless (93201)
• Guangzhou, China
18 Dec 08
I like Dell and I am using Dell. It has a reasonable price but it offers a good quality. Besides, its service is also very good. I am very satisfactory to it. If I am going to buy a new laptop again, it's likely I will buy Dell again. I love China
@evo000 (9)
• Malaysia
17 Dec 08
i using dell because cheap and have a good service. I using dell inspiron 6400! already using 2 year...no problem at all
• United States
17 Dec 08
I have an HP wide sceen and i really like it,It have allot of nice features.